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Co-dependency is the Enablement of Life

Co-dependency is the contemporary term used to define an age-old problem. It is assuming responsibility for the dysfunctional conduct of another person.  People, who have been victims themselves, usually feel that anything that goes wrong is their fault.  If you take the blame, you will automatically think […]

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Budgeting is the Stewardship of Life

Budgeting your finances is the process of realistically balancing your lifestyle and cost of living with your actual income.  Escalating interest rates due to excessive use of credit inevitably creates financial stress and disaster.  Someone said, “If my income keeps exceeding my out-go, my up-keep is going […]

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Fasting is the Self-denial of Life

Why in the world would anyone want to fast? I am so glad you asked.  There are many benefits to fasting.  Believe it or not, a fast under a doctor’s supervision, using wisdom, and the right conditions is a very good way to rid your physical body […]

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Etiquette is the Formality of Life

Etiquette is the rules and formality regarding manners that have been established as an unofficial requirement in our society. They apply to everything from table manners to the customs and traditions practiced in specific geographical locations.  To be successful, we need to understand what is socially and […]

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Purity is the Portal of Life

When you think of purity, what is the first word that comes to your mind?  When I asked myself that question, I thought of the word, flawless.  Purity is the quality or state of being free from blemish, mixture, pollution, or other foreign elements.  Jesus said, “Blessed […]

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Narcissism is the Self-Centeredness of Life

Narcissism is an “everything in life is about me” syndrome.  Have you ever known people to whom you wouldn’t dare ask how they are feeling, because you know they will respond with a detailed organ recital of all their aches and pains for the past fifty years? […]

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Accountability is the Management of Life

Accountability is a system of checks and balances.  Someone said, “You can only expect what you inspect.”  That is management!  You  can only improve yourself when you remove the fear of outside input.  Accountability is the ability to submit yourself to someone else’s instruction and scrutiny. Accountability […]

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Temperance is the Self-Control of Life

We live in a society of little or no restraints.  Its philosophy is, “If it feels good, do it.”  In diametric opposition, temperance is self-control.  It is an outward sign of a disciplined life which reveals the motive of the soul.  We can plan our actions, but […]

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