Co-dependency is the Enablement of Life

Co-dependency is the Enablement of Life

Co-dependency is the contemporary term used to define an age-old problem. It is assuming responsibility for the dysfunctional conduct of another person.  People, who have been victims themselves, usually feel that anything that goes wrong is their fault.  If you take the blame, you will automatically think you have to fix the problem.

When you choose to conceal instead of confront the situation, you enable the person to continue the behavior.  Letting people off the hook prevents them from having to deal with their actions.  When you get rid of your own victim mentality, you will take charge of your own life, allowing others the same choice.

Romans 14:12

“Each of us will give an account of himself to God.”

Practical Application and Assignments:

Co-dependency is an obsessive, warped sense of responsibility. You only have control over your own actions.  You can only be responsible for your own behavior.

  • Answer the following questions: Do you feel guilty for another person’s bad choices? Do you find yourself desperately trying to make others happy? Do you take the blame and feel responsible to find a solution for their problems? Do you attempt to control others? If the answer is yes, you are co-dependant.
  • Stay objective. When we lose our objectivity our motives become distorted. Force yourself to face the truth.
  • Let go! The power of choice is a gift from God. Don’t abuse it by being controlling, or by allowing yourself to be manipulated and controlled by others. When you allow others to make your decisions, or attempt to force your choices on others, the freedom to choose is wasted.

“Forget about deciding what is right for each other…Be concerned that you don’t get in the way of someone else, making life even more difficult.” Romans 14:13 (MSG)

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