Keys for Successful Living

Depression is the Despondency of Life

Depression is a destructive, invasive force that can rob you of your joy, peace, courage, and finally of your energy and strength to even face another day.  It is a mental state of despondency and melancholy that will steal your health and drain the very life out […]

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Joy is the Strength of Life

There is a difference between happiness and joy.  Happy feelings are determined by your happenings, but joy, real joy is a state of being.  It is a declaration!  It is a destination with determination.  It is there even when you are not aware of its presence.  Psalm […]

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Children are the Treasure of Life

The first parents created by God were commanded to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth.  A family begins with a man and woman drawn together by mutual love and a ceremony of commitment we call marriage.  Children are the treasure of that relationship.  They are the […]

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Death is the Mystery of Life

John Newton’s final words were, “I am still in the land of the dying; I shall be in the land of the living soon.”  Death is the vehicle that will carry us into what appears to be the “unknown” only because it is a place we have […]

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Discipleship is the Call of Life

A disciple is one who follows and adheres to the teachings of Christ.  Salvation is free, but discipleship costs you something.  It requires more than a decision.  It commands a lifestyle of total commitment.  Jesus said, “If any man serve Me, let him follow Me…” John 12:26      […]

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Christianity is the Answer of Life

A philosophy that is propagated in the New Age is that it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you believe in something.  Anything that is less than the truth is deception.  A Christian is defined as one who follows Christ.  To follow Christ is to […]

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Religion is the Search of Life

Within the soul of every person is a vacuum and insatiable yearning that only God can fill.  Unfulfilled expectations, loneliness, lack of personal identity, rejection, loss of spiritual values, the futility of materialistic gain all propel people to seek fulfillment in life from a Higher Power.  Anything […]

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Accomplishment is the Progress of Life

     Your accomplishment or success is not a destination.  Success is a journey.  It is not a place, possession, position, or promotion.  It is a process.  We overestimate the event.  We underestimate the process.  Accomplishment didn’t happen the day you received your diploma.        It began the day […]

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Inner Beauty is the Fragrance of Life

     Our society is preoccupied with beauty.  We have contests to determine who is most beautiful.  Businesses spend thousands of dollars promoting their product with beautiful people.  Millions are spent annually on cosmetics, fashions, and surgery to become more attractive.  However, that kind of beauty is only […]

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Music is the Atmosphere of Life

     If you recorded a typical day at your house, what would you hear… the TV blasting, telephone ringing, people yelling, and dogs barking?  Sounds can be motivating or irritating.       God created the sound of music with the capacity to have a dramatic influence on our […]

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