Keys for Successful Living

Etiquette is the Formality of Life

Etiquette is the rules and formality regarding manners that have been established as an unofficial requirement in our society. They apply to everything from table manners to the customs and traditions practiced in specific geographical locations.  To be successful, we need to understand what is socially and […]

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Envy is the Covetousness of Life

Envy is a spiteful attitude or feeling that can lead to covetousness. Covetousness is an inordinate desire to possess something that belongs to another person.  Credit cards are out of control in this country with people trying to keep up with the “rich and the famous.” Covetousness […]

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Enthusiasm is the Zeal of Life

Enthusiasm is an invigorating, animating energy that makes you feel inspired and alive. It produces excitement and vitality.  It will cause you to tackle almost anything with an “I know I can do this” attitude.  The person with a gloomy disposition will exist barely getting by, while […]

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Enterprise is the Entry of Life

Enterprise is an action word.  It is that “go ahead and make it happen” quality that causes entrepreneurs to achieve.  It is that daring, ambitious, bold initiative that causes us to take a risk and try something untried.  It is the aggressiveness that pushes us into an […]

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Dreams are the Seeds of Life

When God created humanity, He placed within man a special gift.  God gave each of us the capacity to use our imagination.  Imagination is the faculty in our soul that enables us to dream.  Usually, when we dream we hope to solve a problem, meet a need, […]

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Doubt is the Skepticism of Life

The Bible records the reaction of the disciples to the news of Christ’s resurrection in John 20:19-29. Thomas was filled with disbelief and even stated that he would only believe when he saw the nail scars in His hands.  The moment Christ entered the room instead of […]

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Divine Providence is the Placement of Life

The word placement in this context does not pertain to status.  It is used in reference to your starting point.  There are a number of things about you that cannot be changed.  You were not given a choice in the matter.  You were not allowed to choose […]

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Discouragement is the Reaction of Life

You can plan and program your actions, but your reactions reveal your hidden, innermost issues.  When you drop a tea bag into a cup of hot water, a dark brown color will flow from the bag.  The hot water doesn’t put the color into the bag.  It […]

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Discipline is the Correction of Life

Perhaps you have heard about the child whose punishment for misbehavior was to sit in a corner.  He muttered under his breath, “I may be sitting down on the outside, but I’m still standing up on the inside.”  That little child may have been one of us […]

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Discipleship is the Call of Life

A disciple is one who follows and adheres to the teachings of Christ.  Salvation is free, but discipleship costs you something.  It requires more than a decision.  It commands a lifestyle of total commitment.  Jesus said, “If any man serve Me, let him follow Me…” John 12:26 […]

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