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Identity is the Individuality of Life

I heard about a phone message service that answers each call with, “Who are you and what do you want?”  Most people spend their whole life asking these two questions.  The next most asked questions are, “Who is God and what does He want?”  Our identity is […]

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Covenant is the Contract of Life

A covenant is a promise between two or more individuals.  It is a legally binding contractual agreement which includes both the present and the future.  The promise may be conditional, but once it becomes a signed legal contract of covenant, it is illegal for it to be […]

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Holiness is the Standard of Life

The word standard has been defined as an approved model or mode.  God would never set a standard that would be impossible for us to achieve or attain.  If God called us to be holy, then with His help we can be holy.  If sin is missing […]

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The Fruit of the Spirit is the Model of Life

The fruit of the Spirit reveals nine characteristics that describe the model Christian.  Each fruit begins with love.  These ingredients produce a happy, well-adjusted, spiritually mature person.  It is the evidence of the Holy Spirit transforming your natural temperament into the image and personality of Christ. The […]

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The Church is the Community of Life

Guess what! The church was not man’s idea.  It was God’s idea!  Jesus said, “…Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18  Because of hypocrisy, rejection, or lack of relevance there are people who are […]

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Family is the First Institution of Life

The institution of the family is as old as the first man and woman created “in the beginning.”  Every influence that weakens the family will ultimately weaken society.  If the family fails, all the other institutions will fail.  As the marital bond is nurtured, it reinforces a […]

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Vision is the Blueprint of Life

Did you know that God has a vision for you?  God is the master architect.  The Bible is His blueprint.  The blueprint is a picture of the vision with explicit instructions to carry out His purpose for your life.  God has a specific plan “just for you.” […]

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Divine Providence is the Placement of Life

The word placement in this context does not pertain to status.  It is used in reference to your starting point.  There are a number of things about you that cannot be changed.  You were not given a choice in the matter.  You were not allowed to choose […]

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Breath is the Spirit of Life

Have you ever put your hand in front of your mouth when you were speaking?   You can actually feel your breath as you articulate each word.  Jesus said, “…It is the Spirit who gives life; the words that I speak are spirit, and they are life.” John […]

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Destiny is the Divine Appointment of Life

Destiny is defined as something to which a person is destined.  Don’t you just love that kind of a definition?  It simply means God decides, you discover!  It is about a predetermined course of events: God’s plan!  You existed in the mind of God before you were […]

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