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Order is the Design of Life

It is the nature of God to bring order out of chaos.  “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…and the earth was without form and void and darkness covered the face of the deep.”  For six days, God simply declared, “Let there be” and […]

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Restoration is the Remedy of Life

Restoration is the process of repairing that which is broken.  The remedy is the cure, treatment, or solution to the dilemma.  For example, all of humanity, beginning with Adam and Eve have been “found guilty” of sin.  Sin breaks fellowship with God.  Its end result is the […]

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The New Birth is the Transformation of Life

Have you ever looked at your life and wished you could start over?  What does it mean to be a “born-again” Christian?  That same question dates all the way back to a conversation between Christ and Nicodemus.  When Jesus explained that eternal life requires a new birth, […]

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