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Companionship is the Relationship of Life                       

Whether the association is that of a business partner, a mutual friend, or fellowship on a social basis, companionship initiates relationship. Relationship births friendship.  Friendship is the model for all intimate encounters.  It is the basic ingredient for a good marriage.  It is the springboard that is […]

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Compassion is the Awareness of Life

     The single, most outstanding quality of Jesus Christ is His compassion for the children, the sick, the sinner, the hungry, and the lonely.  Everywhere He went; Jesus was aware of the pain of others and stopped to express concern and minister deliverance.   Whether on a fishing […]

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Outlook is the Perception of Life

If you never removed your sunglasses, “your world” would become the color of your lenses.  The manner in which you perceive a situation, matters.  You can’t always change your circumstances, but you can change how they affect you.  You can look at your helplessness in an overwhelming […]

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Temperance is the Self-Control of Life

We live in a society of little or no restraints.  Its philosophy is, “If it feels good, do it.”  In diametric opposition, temperance is self-control.  It is an outward sign of a disciplined life which reveals the motive of the soul.  We can plan our actions, but […]

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Gentleness is the Tenderness of Life

Gentleness is a polite, gracious, considerate act of kindness that is born out of compassion.  It is a language that doesn’t need a vocabulary.  It is spoken with a touch and expressed by a kind deed.  It is the gift everyone can afford and requires the least […]

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Experience is the Teacher of Life

Experience has been referred to as “the school of hard knocks.”  Take fire for example, some people will never have to experience the flames because they can learn by listening.  Curiosity drives others to get close enough to feel the heat, but wisdom kicks in and they […]

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Rejection is the Curse of Life

Love, acceptance, a sense of belonging, and self-worth are key ingredients in our growth and development.  When those elements are missing it causes dysfunction and emotional instability.  A person who is neglected of touching and positive spoken words is starved of personal acceptance.  The curse is that […]

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Determination is the Resolution of Life

Are you determined to succeed?  Do you begin every year with new resolutions?  It takes determination to make any decision requiring commitment.  Resolution is defined as firm determination.  It finds a way to overcome every obstacle.  It is the difference between people who quit and those who […]

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Tradition is the Pattern of Life

A tradition involves information, a belief system, or custom that is modeled or handed down orally becoming a pattern which is continued by the next generation.  A pattern is a model, guide, or plan.  Traditions give definition to our history. They can be good or bad.  Some […]

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Stress is the Agitation of Life

According to medical doctors, seventy to ninety-three percent of all disease is stress-related.  Emotional responses to stress are self-pity, anger, hostility, fear, anxiety, and worry.  Obsessive, negative thought patterns elevate the stress level.  This can have detrimental effects of high blood pressure, chest pain, stomach ulcers, migraine […]

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