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Peer Pressure is the Negative Influence of Life

Peer pressure is a perpetual problem that has to be addressed again in every generation.  It takes the game of “Follow the Leader” to the extreme of losing one’s own identity.  It originates with the fear of rejection. Influence is defined as that ability to persuade, affect, […]

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Jealousy is the Cruelty of Life

Have you ever described someone as being green with jealousy? Jealousy will color your conversation and behavior with a sick attitude that breeds adverse consequences.  The Scripture states that, “Jealousy is as cruel as the grave.”  The ingredient of jealousy, when added to the recipe of life […]

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Compromise is the Betrayal of Life

Compromise is a transaction involving a concession to yield to something less than that with which you were initially in agreement. It will contaminate, corrupt, and defile your belief system if it involves your consecration to Christian values.  Compromise will lead you into deception and betrayal.  Everything […]

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Crisis is the Turning Point of Life

Most of us have a tendency to ignore unpleasant situations that have been either inflicted on us or voluntarily brought on by our own actions.  Unfortunately, avoiding issues doesn’t make pain or problems go away.   Unresolved conflict continues to erode the very core of our foundation with […]

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Relaxation is the Recess of Life

Have you become so busy and weighed down with the cares of life that living is not fun anymore?  Relaxation is not a waste of time.  It is an extremely important part of life.  Our educational system understands the value of fun and relaxation.  The children are […]

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Balance is the Equilibrium of Life

Have you ever known people who live life on the edge?  They just can’t seem to maintain their equilibrium.  Balanced living and stability go hand in hand.  Balance is having the same amount of weight on each end of the scale or teeter-totter to prevent it from […]

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Maturity is the Report Card of Life

We enter into the world in the form of infancy.  There is “no way” a baby can provide for himself.  He only knows if he is satisfied or dissatisfied.  Childhood arrives with the stage of “my way.”  The next phase is the adolescent searching for “some way” […]

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Perseverance is the Diligence of Life

Have you ever heard the term, “Practice makes perfect?”   A student can take piano lessons for years, but only that student who ardently perseveres and practices with consistent devotion will develop the skill of playing the piano.  It doesn’t matter how much the lessons cost or how […]

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Doubt is the Skepticism of Life

The Bible records the reaction of the disciples to the news of Christ’s resurrection in John 20:19-29.  Thomas was filled with disbelief and even stated that he would only believe when he saw the nail scars in His hands.  The moment Christ entered the room instead of […]

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Belief is the Validation of Life

Two of the basic spiritual and emotional needs in life are to believe in something and to have someone believe in you.  When you believe in God, believe in yourself, and in others, you will experience contentment that cannot come from any other source. God doesn’t even […]

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