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Loneliness is the Isolation of Life

Everyone needs a degree of privacy, but there is a difference between being by yourself and feeling alone.  You can be surrounded with people and still feel lonely.  God did not design us to be alone.  He designed us to be “all one,” complete in Him and […]

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Liberty is the Memorial of Life

Americans celebrate over 200 years of independence from the hand of an oppressive monarchy.  In New York harbor stands a lady with torch in hand, as a memorial to all who died to insure our liberty; and yet today, there are still despots, tyrants, and terrorists who […]

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Lemonade is the Alternative of Life

My dad bought a “lemon” one time. It was a used car.  Before he even got it home it made a weird sound, started smoking, and left him stranded on the road.  My parents laughed about their “as is” bargain.  Dad said, “I think I just bought […]

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Leadership is the Example of Life

An example is a design, pattern, representation, or model of something you can reproduce, imitate, or emulate.  A great man will provide a proper example for his children. “The just man walks in his integrity and his children are blessed after him.” Proverbs 20:7 The greatest role […]

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Laziness is the Idleness of Life

My grandmother used to say, “An idle mind is the devils’ workshop.” It is one of those ideas that has been handed down to each generation.   I was so surprised to see how many Scriptures in the Bible relate to laziness, that I decided to put some […]

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Laughter is the Medicine of Life

It is a proven fact that there is healing in laughter.  While stress elevates blood pressure, laughter causes it to decrease.  Life is too short to waste it crying incessantly over the things that won’t matter one hundred years from now.  Continual sorrow is destructive to your […]

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Justice is the Fairness of Life

How do you feel when you are treated unfairly?  Exasperated?  “But it isn’t fair!”  Perhaps you were misunderstood.  Maybe the referee made a biased call or you were falsely accused of something.  The scales in our justice system are imperfect.  People are not always given fair or […]

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Judgment Day is the Final Exam of Life

Success in life embraces both time and eternity because life is lived in both realms.  Time is temporary.  Eternity is forever.  Life begins in time and continues in eternity.  The day you were born, you enrolled in the school of life.  The first test was given to […]

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Joy is the Strength of Life

There is a difference between happiness and joy. Happy feelings are determined by your happenings, but joy, real joy is a state of being.  It is a declaration!  It is a destination with determination.  It is there even when you are not aware of its presence. Psalm […]

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Journaling is the Story of Life

If you want to leave a legacy that out-lasts and out-lives your natural life span, one of the best ways is journaling.  Who better than you to tell the story of your life!  Journaling chronicles your life events, emotions, and expectations in a way nothing else can. […]

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