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Time is the Resource of Life

Although it wasn’t wrapped with ribbons and a card attached with your name, at the moment of conception you were given a gift: the gift of time.  Time is a period of measurable duration.  It is an intermission in eternity.  Time is a limited, priceless resource that […]

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The Ten Commandments are the Boundaries of Life

The Ten Commandments found in Exodus, chapter 20, were not given for the purpose of restraint, but for our protection.  God’s laws are accompanied with the freedom of choice because He will not violate our will.  The boundaries contain wise counsel that can prevent us from the […]

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Temptation is the Test of Life

Have you ever been listening to a broadcast when suddenly it was interrupted with an irritating noise followed by the words, “This is only a test?”   Temptation is only a test.  It is satan’s attempt to get you to become something you are not.  Temptation is a […]

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Temperance is the Self-Control of Life

We live in a society of little or no restraints.  Its philosophy is, “If it feels good, do it.”  In diametric opposition, temperance is self-control.  It is an outward sign of a disciplined life which reveals the motive of the soul.  We can plan our actions, but […]

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Temperament is the Disposition of Life

Temperament is the God-given characteristics that govern our disposition.  Disposition is defined as one’s customary frame of mind, nature, or temperament.  Temperament plays an important role in success in life because it affects behavioral patterns, emotional tendencies, and mental attitudes.  Personality traits are stimulated by environmental, outside […]

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Tears are the Catharsis of Life

When my youngest son was ten years old the wind was knocked out of him while playing football.  It frightened him and he cried.  One of his coaches said, “Football players don’t cry.”  Blake said, “This one does!” The philosophy that men don’t cry has been passed […]

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Sympathy is the Condolence of Life

Sympathy is the first step toward compassion.  Sympathy, empathy, and compassion are all interrelated.  Pity is merely feeling sorry for someone.  To sympathize is to understand their grief and misery.  To empathize is to feel their pain.  Condolence is the compassionate expression of sympathy that causes us […]

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Success is the Reward of Life

The story is told that a wealthy man was being buried “in style” with his Cadillac, expensive jewelry, and opulence of wealth.  Someone overheard a remark between two men nearby, “Now that is really living!”   Of course, that is not living, but in reality, God does want […]

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Submission is the Servitude of Life

The person who stands on the stage in the spotlight, or sits in the office with a title on the door is often envied because it appears to be a glamorous position.  In reality, the status of leadership is that of a servant.  To lead others, you […]

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Style is the Spice of Life

Have you ever thought about how boring it would be if God had made all of us exactly alike?  Can you imagine everyone created with cookie cutter conformity?  God designed every person uniquely different.  Our differences produce a variety of styles, which add spice to life. A […]

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