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Meekness is the Surrender of Life

One of the single, most admired character traits is meekness.  Everyone admires a person who has a meek disposition.  The word meek means mild or gentle.  Gentleness is an action while meekness is a state of being.  It is an inner attitude that results in controlled reactions.  […]

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Mediocrity is the Unrealized Potential of Life

Oil fields or diamond and gold mines are referred to as the most expensive real estate in the world.  However, when you think about it, perhaps the most valuable places on earth may be the cemeteries.  Myles Monroe said, “Graveyards all over the world are repositories of […]

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Marriage is the Bond of Life

Because of a fear of commitment this generation has carelessly abandoned the bond of marriage by merely living together.  Our society has made it easy to dissolve marital covenant instead of resolving its problems.  “Until death do us part” has been removed from the vows of many […]

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Marketing is the Advertisement of Life

Everyone is advertising something.  Your facial expressions, your demeanor, and the clothes you wear are all communicating an unspoken message.  What you advertise is a magnetic force of influence. It impacts the type of people who are drawn to you in relationships.  It may even be the […]

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Lust is the Uncontrolled Passion of Life

“I want what I want and I want it now” is probably the motto of lust.  The word “lust” is typically associated with something sensual. Hollywood has become so influential in setting the standards and values that many Americans are no longer shocked by the reckless immorality […]

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Loyalty is the Rarity of Life

Loyalty is a word that is almost lost in today’s vocabulary. It is described as fidelity and faithful devotion to a person or a cause.  Loyalty is the ingredient in a relationship that keeps you from giving up easily. It is the ability to look for the […]

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Love is the Language of Life

Love is not something you can see or touch.  Although it is something you can feel, it is not based on feelings.  Love is translated the same in every dialect.  It transcends all barriers.  It is the language the deaf can hear and the dumb can speak.  […]

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Loneliness is the Isolation of Life

Everyone needs a degree of privacy, but there is a difference between being by yourself and feeling alone.  You can be surrounded with people and still feel lonely.  God did not design us to be alone.  He designed us to be “all one,” complete in Him and […]

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Liberty is the Memorial of Life

Americans celebrate over 200 years of independence from the hand of an oppressive monarchy.  In New York harbor stands a lady with torch in hand, as a memorial to all who died to insure our liberty; and yet today, there are still despots, tyrants, and terrorists who […]

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Lemonade is the Alternative of Life

My dad bought a “lemon” one time. It was a used car.  Before he even got it home it made a weird sound, started smoking, and left him stranded on the road.  My parents laughed about their “as is” bargain.  Dad said, “I think I just bought […]

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