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Competition is the Sport of Life

No matter what culture or background we hail from, people of all ages love sports.  As kids, we would compete in everything from who could run, clean, or even eat a popsicle the fastest…brain freeze and all!  We even competed for attention and affection.  Whether it was […]

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Accomplishment is the Progress of Life

Your accomplishment or success is not a destination. Success is a journey.  It is not a place, possession, position, or promotion.  It is a process.  We overestimate the event.  We underestimate the process.  Accomplishment didn’t happen the day you received your diploma.        It began the day you […]

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Independence is the Self-Sufficiency of Life

On July 4th flags are raised and fireworks explode across America announcing and celebrating its independence.  Citizens of the USA have the right to be successful.  We are free to achieve our own goals within the framework and boundaries of the Constitution.  Abraham Lincoln said, “A government […]

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Temperament is the Disposition of Life

Temperament is the God-given characteristics that govern our disposition.  Disposition is defined as one’s customary frame of mind, nature, or temperament.  Temperament plays an important role in success in life because it affects behavioral patterns, emotional tendencies, and mental attitudes.  Personality traits are stimulated by environmental, outside […]

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Laziness is the Idleness of Life

My grandmother used to say, “An idle mind is the devils’ workshop.” It is one of those ideas that has been handed down to each generation.   I was so surprised to see how many Scriptures in the Bible relate to laziness, that I decided to put some […]

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Promotion is the Achievement of Life

In the corporate world promotion is all about your performance.  In the kingdom of God, performance is important, but character is paramount.  The sky is the limit in terms of achievement, when you have both.  You can serve your way to the top by making yourself indispensable. […]

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Winning is the Objective of Life

In our culture one of the ways we think of winning is when someone wins a multimillion dollar lottery.  The problem with this kind of winning is that only one in millions wins without any real change, effort, or high cost.  Did you know that studies have […]

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Prosperity is the Provision of Life

Usually, we think of prosperity as the accumulation of financial wealth and economic success.  However, prosperity is not only measured in terms of dollars and cents.  Prosperity is having more than enough to do God’s will.  It is being successful in every area of your life: body, […]

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Hunger is the Drive of Life

If you watch professional sports during the competition play-offs you can see the determination and hunger to win in the eyes of the athletes.  Those who participate in the Olympics are driven to compete.  Their hunger for success drives them to hard work, practice, and a sacrificial […]

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Obedience is the Guardrail of Life

Guardrails are placed for our protection along the highways during construction, heavy traffic or hill and mountain regions.  Sometimes the guardrail is the only thing between life and death.  Its ability to save your life depends on your compliance to the authority it represents.  Divine authority is […]

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