Winning is the Objective of Life

Winning is the Objective of Life

In our culture one of the ways we think of winning is when someone wins a multimillion dollar lottery.  The problem with this kind of winning is that only one in millions wins without any real change, effort, or high cost.  Did you know that studies have proven that most lottery winners have used up their resources within a few short years?   No pain, no real gain!   But if we took the wealth away from most self-made millionaires, they would regain it and more within five years.

Creating wealth is not the only kind of winning, of course.  The objective in life is to win in every area.   In Luke 17:3, Jesus taught that you must lose to win.   When a farmer plants a seed he loses what he has, to gain what he doesn’t have.  Jesus said, “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just one grain.  But if it dies, it produces much fruit.” John 12:24

Romans 8:31

“With God on our side, how can we lose?” (MSG)

Practical Application and Assignments:

Winning involves your heart, mind, and soul.  If you believe you are    a loser, you will lose.  If you believe you are a winner, you will win. Winning is not about being first place in every game.  Winning is about developing your skills to think, to choose, to believe, to imagine, to create, to speak, to feel, to change, to pray, to act, and to solve problems.

  • Real winners are not wasters. Don’t waste your talents.  Know how to effectively use your resources and abilities.
  • Real overcomers are not exaggerators. Be realistic about your exploits and endeavors.
  • Real conquerors are not complainers. Refuse to continue whining about painful memories.  For example, if someone called you a “loser,” don’t accept it.  Get rid of loser mentality.
  • Make your own proclamation: “And the winner is….!”  Put your name at the end of the sentence.  You are a winner.  Act like one.

“You’ve all been to the stadium and seen the athletes race.  Everyone runs, one wins.  Run to win.” I Corinthians 9:24 (MSG)

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