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Issues are the History of Life

You are writing your own history by the way you deal with your issues. Typically, this society is constantly re-locating.  Instead of seeking answers, they run…they change jobs, marriage partners, friends, churches and locations only to discover that wherever they go, that’s where they are.  We can’t […]

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Investment is the Risk of Life

If you are a student of the stock market you realize that anything can happen on Wall Street today. Some people will gain millions, and others will be starting over.  The psychology of the market is as fickle as the whims of the people who run it. […]

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Inventory is the Evaluation of Life

Periodically businesses are closed for inventory.  Teams of workers itemize the company’s stock to evaluate its level of productivity and efficiency.  Personal inventory is advantageous in keeping us on track.  Sometimes we unconsciously become distracted and lose objectivity. Conduct an inventory of your life.  Am I still […]

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Intimacy is the Disclosure of Life

One explanation of the word intimacy is “into-me-see.” For some people that is too close for comfort.  We risk being hurt when we allow others into the innermost chambers of our heart.  We tend to hold people at arms length, until it feels safe to disclose our […]

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Interdependence is the Quilt of Life

Interdependence means to connect by mutually depending or relying on another person or persons for support.  Instead, sometimes people withdraw from society physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally because of fear, insecurity, and wounds from abuse.  This reaction will not bring resolution.  It only magnifies the pain and […]

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Integrity is the Character of Life

Character is the sum total of a person’s behavior, values, qualities, and attributes. It represents who you really are when no one else is around. It is what you do when you think no one else is looking.  Integrity is the characteristic of actually being what you […]

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Innocence is the Chastity of Life

Innocence is a quality that cannot be developed, inherited, or earned.  It is the innate, chaste characteristic of not being defiled or diluted.  It is difficult to describe what it is without describing what it is not, and to what it has not been exposed.  The moment […]

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Instruction is the Platform of Life

Instruction is a command or order with directions.  Have you ever known people who cannot take instruction?  Some people have to attend the “school of hard knocks.”  It seems that they always have to learn the hard way. Proverbs 13:13 explains, “He who scorns instruction will pay […]

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Inner Beauty is the Fragrance of Life

Our society is preoccupied with beauty. We have contests to determine who is most beautiful.  Businesses spend thousands of dollars promoting their product with beautiful people.  Millions are spent annually on cosmetics, fashions, and surgery to become more attractive.  However, that kind of beauty is only “skin-deep.”  […]

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Imagination is the Fantasy of Life

Imagination and creativity go hand in hand.  Every new scientific discovery or invention begins with imagination.  A fantasy is an unreal mental image or illusion created by visualization and daydreaming.  The movie screens are filled with the product of someone’s imagination.  It is an incredible gift from […]

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