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Holiness is the Standard of Life

The word standard has been defined as an approved model or mode. God would never set a standard that would be impossible for us to achieve or attain. If God called us to be holy, then with His help we can be holy.  If sin is missing […]

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Hobbies are the Diversion of Life

Everyone needs an occasional break from the repetitive monotony    of their everyday routine.  Someone said, “Life is so daily.”  A hobby is something you do for the sole purpose of relaxation.  It is a change of pace that captures your attention, and for a moment diverts your […]

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Hell is the Separation of Life

The Bible tells us there is a literal place called, Hell.  It was designed for lucifer and the fallen angels. Jesus said, “The Son of man shall send forth His angels and they shall gather out of His kingdom all things that offend and them which do […]

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Heaven is the Origin of Life

The word heaven implies several things.  Sometimes it is used in reference to the expanse of space surrounding the earth, including outer space or the location of the sun, moon, and stars.  Usually, when we speak of Heaven we are referring to the Holy City, New Jerusalem.  […]

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Hatred is the Devastation of Life

The first book of the Bible contains the front page news of the first murder ever committed.  Today our world is so saturated with hate that this generation can hardly turn on a news channel without hearing about a hate crime.  It would be appalling to know […]

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The Heart is the Soil of Life

In Luke, chapter 8, Jesus taught a parable about the ‘Seed and the Sower.’  He likened a man’s heart to different types of soil.  In the Hebrew culture, the heart of a man was referred to as the center of his being.  It is the seat of […]

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Happiness is the Choice of Life

In a college campus survey the question was asked, “What do you want most in life?”  The majority of students answered, “To be happy.”  Those who look for happiness in people, position, power, places, or things will never end their search.  This kind of happiness is only […]

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Grief is the Sorrow of Life

Grief is not a stranger to any of us.  Life is filled with all kinds of loss. Whether it involves your career, a divorce, a financial set-back or death, loss can be devastating.  The cartoonist, Charles Schultz often quotes Charlie Brown as saying, “Good grief!”  Actually, good […]

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Greed is the Selfishness of Life

If it is true that we are never more like God than when we give, it must also be true that we are never less like God than when we behave selfishly.  Greed is a quality exhibited by fictional characters like Ebenezer Scrooge and The Grinch, and […]

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Gratitude is the Attitude of Life

Perhaps you have heard the expression, “Attitude is everything.”  Your attitude can make or break you.  In the Old Testament, it was murmuring and complaining that got the Hebrew children into the most trouble while they were wandering in the desert.  No one enjoys being around someone […]

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