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Pride is the Downfall of Life

Pride is described as having a conceited, arrogant, exaggerated opinion of yourself.  The Bible declares in Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”   The greatest empires and kingdoms of history that collapsed fell ultimately because of pride. Pride is a deceptive […]

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Preparation is the Motto of Life

Have you ever wondered why God would give you a fantastic dream that hasn’t come to pass?   One reason could be a lack of preparation.  The word “prepare” means to provide, make ready, build, ordain, or establish.  A motto is defined as a word, sentence, or phrase […]

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Prejudice is the Pitfall of Life

Prejudice is described as an intolerant opinion formed before knowing the facts.  It is biased, pre-judgment designed to be injurious to another person or people group.  Prejudice refuses to add value to you or allow you to add value to me.  Sometimes it isn’t recognized because its […]

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Praise is the Purpose of Life

The Westminster Catechism states that the chief purpose of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  Did you know that you were created to praise the Lord?  There are two times to praise the Lord: when you feel like it and when you don’t.  In […]

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Perseverance is the Diligence of Life

Have you ever heard the term, “Practice makes perfect?”   A student can take piano lessons for years, but only that student who ardently perseveres and practices with consistent devotion will develop the skill of playing the piano.  It doesn’t matter how much the lessons cost or how […]

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Peace is the Pathway of Life

God said He would give us peace that passes our understanding. The path of peace is not an alternate route that by-passes conflict.  Instead, it is the spiritual connection in which God by-passes our understanding and gives us peace in the midst of the struggle.  In fact, […]

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Patriotism is the Allegiance of Life

The patriots and founding fathers of this nation were consumed with allegiance to God and their country.  Laws originally passed to protect the symbol of freedom have now been redefined to protect the right to abuse it.  It has become lawful to publicly burn the American flag. […]

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Patience is the Trial of Life

We live in an age of instant gratification.  We have instant potatoes, instant rice, and instant pudding which actually isn’t bad.  However, I remember the days of hand-cranked homemade ice cream.  I would watch the salt melt the ice on the outside and imagine the taste of […]

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Parenting is the Privilege of Life

While the birth of a child is one of the most exciting events in life, the responsibility that accompanies it is staggering.  What an awesome privilege when God places the miracle of a human life into the hands and charge of parents.  Someone said, “The hand that […]

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Pain is the Fact of Life

I do not believe God intended or enjoys watching His children suffer.  However, I’m sure you have heard the expression, “No pain, no gain.” It is the ripping and tearing of muscle that causes us to build muscle.  Parents wrestle with the inner conflict of wanting to […]

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