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Optimism and Pessimism is the Contrast of Life

Have you noticed a negative person walk into a room, dispel gloom and suddenly, everyone is in a bad mood?   In contrast, when an optimistic person enters with a smile and positive attitude the air feels lighter.  People who are enthusiastic and excited cause others to experience […]

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Obedience is the Guardrail of Life

Guardrails are placed for our protection along the highways during construction, heavy traffic or hill and mountain regions.  Sometimes the guardrail is the only thing between life and death.  Its ability to save your life depends on your compliance to the authority it represents.  Divine authority is […]

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Nutrition is the Sustenance of Life

You are going to love this key.  It is about one of our favorite subjects: food!  Food and water are not luxuries.  They are vital to our existence.  Doctors tell us, “We are what we eat.”  The continuous supply of food energizes our body to function properly.  […]

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Nobility is the Distinction of Life

In a feudal society, nobility is the caste of distinction.  Those born into the upper echelon of society enter the world with an innate mark of both privilege and responsibility.  All who have been “born-again” into the kingdom of God have been given a regal title and […]

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The New Birth is the Transformation of Life

Have you ever looked at your life and wished you could start over?  What does it mean to be a “born-again” Christian?  That same question dates all the way back to a conversation between Christ and Nicodemus.  When Jesus explained that eternal life requires a new birth, […]

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Narrow-mindedness is the Bigotry of Life

What does it mean to be narrow-minded?  Well, it seems today that anyone who disagrees with the philosophies, the politically correct ideologies, and the culturally accepted mores’ of the day could be considered narrow-minded.  Jesus challenged the religious traditions of the ecclesiastical hierarchy of His day, while […]

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Music is the Atmosphere of Life

If you recorded a typical day at your house, what would you hear… the TV blasting, telephone ringing, people yelling, and dogs barking?  Sounds can be motivating or irritating. God created the sound of music with the capacity to have a dramatic influence on our emotions.  Music […]

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Moodiness is the Thief of Life

Have you ever known people who constantly go through extreme mood swings?  They are either flying above the clouds or so low they have to look up to see the bottom.  You dread seeing them coming because you don’t know if they will be happy or sad, […]

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Money is the Exchange of Life

If it took a portion of your time, your energy, and your talents to earn the money you possess, then your money represents “you” in spendable form.  Money certainly isn’t everything, but the lack of it can be devastating.  The Bible says, “The love of money is […]

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Miracles are the Supernatural Intervention of Life

A miracle is an event that contradicts known scientific laws, thus determined to be caused Supernaturally.  A miracle always defies the impossible.  Do you believe when Jesus walked into a village he caused the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the crippled to run and leap, […]

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