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Confrontation is the Encounter of Life

The Bible records many men and women who had provocative encounters with God.  For example, Jesus met a woman at the well and within minutes His firm, but gentle confrontation opened her eyes to a brand new life.  He met a man at a pool who had […]

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Conflict is the Struggle of Life

Conflict cannot be avoided because we all have uniquely different opinions. If you ever hear of a couple who claim they have never had an argument, either they are living on opposite sides of the country, or one is doing all the talking and the other is […]

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Conception is the Entitlement of Life

In an age of invetro-fertilization, surrogate mothering, artificial insemination, and cloning, I have yet to hear of anyone creating DNA from absolutely nothing. Man does not have the ability to unlock that mystery.  God only, holds the title deed to that secret.  He alone, should have the […]

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Compromise is the Betrayal of Life

Compromise is a transaction involving a concession to yield to something less than that with which you were initially in agreement.      It will contaminate, corrupt, and defile your belief system if it involves your consecration to Christian values.  Compromise will lead you into deception and betrayal.  Everything […]

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Compatibility is the Conformity of Life

Compatibility is the ability to get along with each other.  All of us know people who are challengers.  If you say something is black, they will say it is white.  Antagonistic people can’t even get along with themselves.  They are not capable of living in a peaceful […]

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Complaining is the Ungratefulness of Life

The act of complaining reflects an inner attitude of ungratefulness that refuses to acknowledge anything positive in the face of the slightest adversity or aggravation.  Complaining misses the juiciness and the sweetness of the cherry, and focuses on the pit.  Complaining is like overlooking the color and […]

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Complacency is the Indifference of Life

America has become materially rich, but morally impoverished. This new morality of premarital license, same sex marriage, and situational ethics is destroying our nation from within.  It is an age in which society closes its eyes and looks the other way.  We measure our success by our […]

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Competition is the Sport of Life

No matter what culture or background we hail from, people of all ages love sports.  As kids, we would compete in everything from who could run, clean, or even eat a popsicle the fastest…brain freeze and all!  We even competed for attention and affection.  Whether it was […]

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Compassion is the Awareness of Life

The single, most outstanding quality of Jesus Christ is His compassion for the children, the sick, the sinner, the hungry, and the lonely. Everywhere He went; Jesus was aware of the pain of others and stopped to express concern and minister deliverance. Whether on a fishing trip […]

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Companionship is the Relationship of Life

Whether the association is that of a business partner, a mutual friend, or fellowship on a social basis, companionship initiates relationship. Relationship births friendship.  Friendship is the model for all intimate encounters.  It is the basic ingredient for a good marriage.  It is the springboard that is […]

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