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Adversity is the Advantage of Life

In order to build muscle, you have to break it down.  In order to receive a harvest, you have to bury a seed.  Jesus said, “In order to gain your life, you have to lose it. In order to be first in the kingdom, you have to […]

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Adultery is the Infidelity of Life

The divorce rate in this nation is out of control.  The family unit is fast becoming an “endangered species.”  The sanctity of the marriage vows is almost becoming obsolete.  We live in society that promotes adultery as normal, accepted behavior This generation is reaping the domino effect […]

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Adventure is the Exhilaration of Life

Adventure is accompanied with feelings of exhilaration that gives life vigor and animation. It is what causes us to get on the “Magnum” roller coaster at the amusement park. You may not be ready to climb Mt. Everest or go skydiving, but everyone desires adventure to some […]

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Addiction is the Prison of Life

America is described as, “The Home of the Free.” How can a man fight for liberty and then submit himself to a different kind of prison?  How can people throw away their freedom by allowing themselves to be incarcerated by addictions that dictate, dominate, and control their […]

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Accountability is the Management of Life

Accountability is a system of checks and balances. Someone said, “You can only expect what you inspect.”  That is management!  You  can only improve yourself when you remove the fear of outside input.  Accountability is the ability to submit yourself to someone else’s instruction and scrutiny. Accountability […]

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Accomplishment is the Progress of Life

Your accomplishment or success is not a destination. Success is a journey.  It is not a place, possession, position, or promotion.  It is a process.  We overestimate the event.  We underestimate the process.  Accomplishment didn’t happen the day you received your diploma.        It began the day you […]

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Commitment is the Advancement of Life

On Tuesday morning of “9-11” I was at the U.S. Capital, praying.   Todd Beamer was on a plane that had been commandeered by terrorists on a suicide mission to crash into the Capital building.  When Todd yelled, “Let’s roll,” he and many others became heroes as they […]

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Independence is the Self-Sufficiency of Life

On July 4th flags are raised and fireworks explode across America announcing and celebrating its independence.  Citizens of the USA have the right to be successful.  We are free to achieve our own goals within the framework and boundaries of the Constitution.  Abraham Lincoln said, “A government […]

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Competition is the Sport of Life

No matter what culture or background we hail from, people of all ages love sports.  As kids, we would compete in everything from who could run, clean, or even eat a popsicle the fastest…brain freeze and all!  We even competed for attention and affection.  Whether it was […]

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Narrow-mindedness is the Bigotry of Life

What does it mean to be narrow-minded?  Well, it seems today that anyone who disagrees with the philosophies, the politically correct ideologies, and the culturally accepted mores’ of the day could be considered narrow-minded.  Jesus challenged the religious traditions of the ecclesiastical hierarchy of His day, while […]

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