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Budgeting is the Stewardship of Life

Budgeting your finances is the process of realistically balancing your lifestyle and cost of living with your actual income.  Escalating interest rates due to excessive use of credit inevitably creates financial stress and disaster.  Someone said, “If my income keeps exceeding my out-go, my up-keep is going […]

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Breath is the Spirit of Life

Have you ever put your hand in front of your mouth when you were speaking? You can actually feel your breath as you articulate each word.  Jesus said, “…It is the Spirit who gives life; the words that I speak are spirit, and they are life.” John […]

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The Blood is the Substance of Life

Without blood we cannot live. The blood carries the nutrients throughout the body, as well as eliminating toxins and wastes.  When we lose blood we become anemic and weak because it decreases our ability to fight off infection and bacteria. Similarly, the blood of Christ washes away […]

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Blessing is the Favor of Life

Favor means to be treated with special consideration, honor, and respect. The word blessing means, happy, fortunate, and to be envied. It also means the invoking of Divine favor.  Blessing is described as approval, a God-given gift, grace, success, and prosperity. There is no greater favor than […]

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Bitterness is the Waste of Life

Bitterness does not develop overnight.  It begins with a little weed seed of dislike and progresses through a series of stages over a period of time.  If it isn’t uprooted with forgiveness it will continue to grow into resentment.  Resentment will become hatred and hatred turns into […]

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The Bible is the Law of Life

Most dictionaries define a law as a rule of conduct or action that is established and enforced by a governing authority.  Civil laws are ratified to protect life.  God’s laws are no different.  They were given for our protection with built-in conditional benefits that show us our […]

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Belief is the Validation of Life

Two of the basic spiritual and emotional needs in life are to believe in something and to have someone believe in you.  When you believe in God, believe in yourself, and in others, you will experience contentment that cannot come from any other source. God doesn’t even […]

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Balance is the Equilibrium of Life

Have you ever known people who live life on the edge?  They just can’t seem to maintain their equilibrium.  Balanced living and stability go hand in hand.  Balance is having the same amount of weight on each end of the scale or teeter-totter to prevent it from […]

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Backsliding is the Regression of Life

Backsliding is not one official decision.  It is a regressive series of compromising decisions based on feelings of frustration, anger, fear, unbelief, doubt, and self-centeredness.  Temptations are “set-ups” designed by satan to destroy you.  He hates your gifts and desires to disqualify and destroy them.  I believe […]

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Arrogance is the Vanity of Life

Most of us dislike associating with people who are arrogant.  An arrogant person is described as being vain, prideful, conceited, and boastful.  The dichotomy is that arrogance appears to be over-confident, when in reality it is the opposite.  If you could look behind the veneer of arrogance […]

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