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Compassion is the Awareness of Life

The single, most outstanding quality of Jesus Christ is His compassion for the children, the sick, the sinner, the hungry, and the lonely. Everywhere He went; Jesus was aware of the pain of others and stopped to express concern and minister deliverance. Whether on a fishing trip […]

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Companionship is the Relationship of Life

Whether the association is that of a business partner, a mutual friend, or fellowship on a social basis, companionship initiates relationship. Relationship births friendship.  Friendship is the model for all intimate encounters.  It is the basic ingredient for a good marriage.  It is the springboard that is […]

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Communication is the Connection of Life

Communication skills determine how we connect and relate to those in our world.  Have you ever felt exasperated because what you said was not what you actually communicated? When those with whom you were in dialogue repeated their perception of the conversation, you were left wondering, “How […]

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Commerce is the Interchange of Life

The word commerce is defined as the interchange of buying and selling of commodities, goods, services, ideas, or sentiments. In our capitalist society we begin learning the concept of exchange at an early age.  I remember as a small child trading pencils, baseball cards, lunches, candy, toys, […]

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Co-dependency is the Enablement of Life

Co-dependency is the contemporary term used to define an age-old problem. It is assuming responsibility for the dysfunctional conduct of another person.  People, who have been victims themselves, usually feel that anything that goes wrong is their fault.  If you take the blame, you will automatically think […]

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The Church is the Community of Life

Guess what! The church was not man’s idea.  It was God’s idea!  Jesus said, “…Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18  Because of hypocrisy, rejection, or lack of relevance there are people who are […]

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Christianity is the Answer of Life

A philosophy that is propagated in the New Age is that it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you believe in something.  Anything that is less than the truth is deception.  A Christian is defined as one who follows Christ.  To follow Christ is to […]

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Children are the Treasure of Life

The first parents created by God were commanded to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth. A family begins with a man and woman drawn together by mutual love and a ceremony of commitment we call marriage.  Children are the treasure of that relationship.  They are the […]

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Cheerfulness is the Sunshine of Life

Cheerfulness adds wind to your sails, sunlight on your shoulder, and a spring in your heels. It draws people like a magnet.  It is a strong, powerful influence that changes the atmosphere.  You cannot help but notice when a person with a cheerful personality enters a room.  […]

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Champions are the Overcomers of Life

Champions are not born champions.  They become champions through laborious dedication and determination.  Only ignorance and mediocrity would attempt to become a champion without paying the price for success.  Progress is the result of intentional decisions, habits, and hard work.  What you refuse to change about today, […]

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