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Integrity is the Character of Life

Character is the sum total of a person’s behavior, values, qualities, and attributes. It represents who you really are when no one else is around. It is what you do when you think no one else is looking.  Integrity is the characteristic of actually being what you […]

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Innocence is the Chastity of Life

Innocence is a quality that cannot be developed, inherited, or earned.  It is the innate, chaste characteristic of not being defiled or diluted.  It is difficult to describe what it is without describing what it is not, and to what it has not been exposed.  The moment […]

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Instruction is the Platform of Life

Instruction is a command or order with directions.  Have you ever known people who cannot take instruction?  Some people have to attend the “school of hard knocks.”  It seems that they always have to learn the hard way. Proverbs 13:13 explains, “He who scorns instruction will pay […]

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Inner Beauty is the Fragrance of Life

Our society is preoccupied with beauty. We have contests to determine who is most beautiful.  Businesses spend thousands of dollars promoting their product with beautiful people.  Millions are spent annually on cosmetics, fashions, and surgery to become more attractive.  However, that kind of beauty is only “skin-deep.”  […]

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Imagination is the Fantasy of Life

Imagination and creativity go hand in hand.  Every new scientific discovery or invention begins with imagination.  A fantasy is an unreal mental image or illusion created by visualization and daydreaming.  The movie screens are filled with the product of someone’s imagination.  It is an incredible gift from […]

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Instinct is the Intuition of Life

Instinct is defined as an innate, inborn, automatic, spontaneous impulse that is not prompted through reasoning or experience. It is a natural response to stimuli.  Intuition is the immediate insight of knowing something without conscious reason.  It is instantaneous apprehension. Both instinct and intuition operate on a […]

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Independence is the Self-Sufficiency of Life

On July 4th flags are raised and fireworks explode across America announcing and celebrating its independence.  Citizens of the USA have the right to be successful.  We are free to achieve our own goals within the framework and boundaries of the Constitution.  Abraham Lincoln said, “A government […]

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Idolatry is the Abomination of Life

The word abomination is used to describe a corrupt, immoral, sinful act, or deed.  Idolatry is a sin that is directed at God, Himself.  It is an abomination that takes wickedness to its lowest level.  Its disrespect is an attempt to dethrone God from His own universe. […]

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Identity is the Individuality of Life

I heard about a phone message service that answers each call with, “Who are you and what do you want?”  Most people spend their whole life asking these two questions.  The next most asked questions are, “Who is God and what does He want?”  Our identity is […]

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Ideas are the Inspiration of Life

Ideas can be positive or negative. What do you think about most of the time?  If your thoughts were publicly projected on a big screen, how would you feel: Happy? Sad? Embarrassed?  There are at least three gates that provoke thoughts into your mind.  The ear gate […]

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