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Sincerity is the Genuineness of Life

Everyone has been hurt by people who are “two-faced” and insincere. You know… those people who say one thing to your face and another behind your back.  Sincerity is the opposite of hypocrisy.  Jesus devoted the entire 23rd chapter of Matthew to this subject.  He “labeled” the […]

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Sin is the Deception of Life

Sin is an act of violation of God’s Word.  It is an enslaver that will dominate, incarcerate, and imprison you.  It is a counterfeit that can never satisfy because it is not what it appears or what the commercials promise.  The deception is an attempt to seduce […]

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Simplicity is the Pleasure of Life

Because of living in such a complex high-tech age, sometimes we overlook some of the charming simple things in life.  From childhood we are challenged to greatness.  Our parents take pride in each of our accomplishments.  Difficult feats become easy when they are mastered.  We forget that […]

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Shame is the Stigma of Life

Do you remember your earliest experience with shame?   For some, it can be a result of receiving a look of condemnation from an authority figure.  For others, it may have manifested as a result of not being chosen to play on an athletic team.  So what is […]

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Seriousness is the Solemnity of Life

We live in a world that is entertainment crazy.  Subconsciously, we act as if turning off the TV news channel will make the violence in our streets go away.  It is tempting to bury our head in the sand like the ostrich and say, “I can’t see […]

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Serenity is the Tranquility of Life

The story is told of a contest with a prize for the best painting depicting serenity.  Many beautiful pictures of quiet lakes and landscapes were submitted, but the painting awarded the prize was a picture of a thundering waterfall.  Upon closer scrutiny on a projecting ledge of […]

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Sentimentality is the Nostalgia of Life

Sentimental people realize the value of recalling special people and memorable, extraordinary times.  A fragrance, a melody, a picture, or home video can bring to remembrance a festive time in the near or distant past.  Just the sight of a souvenir, memento, or trophy can cause a […]

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Self-Pity is the Pit of Life

“What else can go wrong?  My life is the pits!”  If you have ever been there, this key is for you.  Life is like the rides at an amusement park.  It consists of up and down experiences.  Self-pity is a downward motion that will take you to […]

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Self-Esteem is the Significance of Life

You may be thinking, didn’t we already cover this subject?  What is the difference between self-esteem and self-image?  The struggle for personal significance is so prevalent that it seemed necessary to approach it again.  Low self-esteem is destructive.  Our self-esteem is attacked constantly by derogatory remarks.  Some […]

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Security is the Environment of Life

Some plants will only grow in certain environments.  For example, tropical plants only grow in tropical climates.  New Christians cannot expect to go back into carnal worldly environments and feel secure in their faith until they have matured spiritually.  Marriage cannot continue to thrive and survive without […]

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