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Preparation is the Motto of Life

Have you ever wondered why God would give you a fantastic dream that hasn’t come to pass?   One reason could be a lack of preparation.  The word “prepare” means to provide, make ready, build, ordain, or establish.  A motto is defined as a word, sentence, or phrase […]

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Sin is the Deception of Life

Sin is an act of violation of God’s Word.  It is an enslaver that will dominate, incarcerate, and imprison you.  It is a counterfeit that can never satisfy because it is not what it appears or what the commercials promise.  The deception is an attempt to seduce […]

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Wisdom is the Discretion of Life

Jesus told a story in Luke, chapter 6.  Two men built a house each choosing different foundations.  When the storm came, the house on the sand disintegrated.  The house on the rock remained.  The parable graphically illustrates the difference between wise and foolish choices. Wisdom is the […]

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God’s Thoughts are the Contradiction of Life

God’s ways do not always make sense to the carnal mind because they contradict the world’s system of thinking.  Let me illustrate by reminding you of some biblical principles Christ taught: You have to plant to reap; that is the seedtime harvest principle. You have to serve […]

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Hope is the Anchor of Life

Even the sound or sight of the word “hope” projects a sigh of relief.  What is hope?  The Apostle Paul describes hope in Hebrews 6:19 as an anchor of the soul.  It is what holds us through the storm.  Hope is like the root system of the […]

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Love is the Language of Life

Love is not something you can see or touch.  Although it is something you can feel, it is not based on feelings.  Love is translated the same in every dialect.  It transcends all barriers.  It is the language the deaf can hear and the dumb can speak.  […]

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Bitterness is the Waste of Life

Bitterness does not develop overnight.  It begins with a little weed seed of dislike and progresses through a series of stages over a period of time.  If it isn’t uprooted with forgiveness it will continue to grow into resentment.  Resentment will become hatred and hatred turns into […]

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Happiness is the Choice of Life

In a college campus survey the question was asked, “What do you want most in life?”  The majority of students answered, “To be happy.”  Those who look for happiness in people, position, power, places, or things will never end their search.  This kind of happiness is only […]

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Time is the Resource of Life

Although it wasn’t wrapped with ribbons and a card attached with your name, at the moment of conception you were given a gift: the gift of time.  Time is a period of measurable duration.  It is an intermission in eternity.  Time is a limited, priceless resource that […]

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Today is the Opportunity of Life

Congratulations!  You have been given the opportunity to live another day.  It is an entrance into a new beginning.  Worrying about the regrets, failures, and disappointments of yesterday will only rob you of the joys of the present.  Today lies before you with incredible potential.  It has […]

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