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Ambition is the Quest of Life

Obviously, the root of the word question is the word quest.  I believe all of us are on a quest for knowledge and answers.  The more ambitious we are, the more we are willing to risk asking questions that can only be answered if we are intellectually […]

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Enterprise is the Entry of Life

Enterprise is an action word.  It is that “go ahead and make it happen” quality that causes entrepreneurs to achieve.  It is that daring, ambitious, bold initiative that causes us to take a risk and try something untried.  It is the aggressiveness that pushes us into an […]

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Journaling is the Story of Life

If you want to leave a legacy that out-lasts and out-lives your natural life span, one of the best ways is journaling.  Who better than you to tell the story of your life!  Journaling chronicles your life events, emotions, and expectations in a way nothing else can. […]

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Vocation is the Career of Life

The career you choose will set your course in life.  A dream-seed is sovereignly deposited in each of us very early in life.  It connects us to our destiny.  Children dream of what they will become when they grow up.  Their dreams may take them on fantasies […]

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Mediocrity is the Unrealized Potential of Life

Oil fields or diamond and gold mines are referred to as the most expensive real estate in the world.  However, when you think about it, perhaps the most valuable places on earth may be the cemeteries.  Myles Monroe said, “Graveyards all over the world are repositories of […]

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Dreams are the Seeds of Life

When God created humanity, He placed within man a special gift.  God gave each of us the capacity to use our imagination.  Imagination is the faculty in our soul that enables us to dream. Usually, when we dream we hope to solve a problem, meet a need, […]

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