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Complacency is the Indifference of Life

America has become materially rich, but morally impoverished. This new morality of premarital license, same sex marriage, and situational ethics is destroying our nation from within.  It is an age in which society closes its eyes and looks the other way.  We measure our success by our […]

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Confrontation is the Encounter of Life

The Bible records many men and women who had provocative encounters with God.  For example, Jesus met a woman at the well and within minutes His firm, but gentle confrontation opened her eyes to a brand new life.  He met a man at a pool who had […]

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Flexibility is the Resilience of Life

Believe it or not flexibility is an important key to success. People who are rigid and inflexible create all kinds of problems for themselves. When situations arise that require a change of plans, their frustration level can escalate from temper tantrums to despair. Being the son of […]

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