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Tears are the Catharsis of Life

When my youngest son was ten years old the wind was knocked out of him while playing football.  It frightened him and he cried.  One of his coaches said, “Football players don’t cry.”  Blake said, “This one does!” The philosophy that men don’t cry has been passed […]

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Yesterday is the Reflection of Life

It is impossible to go back and change the past.  Yesterday is so final.  It is over.  It ended last night.  It holds the story of the events that are happening in your life today.  It is history recorded in a chapter you have already read.  It […]

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Seasons Are the Phases of Life

I know you are already wondering what seasons have to do with being successful in life.  Spring, summer, fall, and winter exhibit vivid pictures of the phases of our lives.  Each season, whether it is the soft colors of the blossoms in springtime, the warmth and brilliance […]

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