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The New Birth is the Transformation of Life

Have you ever looked at your life and wished you could start over?  What does it mean to be a “born-again” Christian?  That same question dates all the way back to a conversation between Christ and Nicodemus.  When Jesus explained that eternal life requires a new birth, […]

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Yesterday is the Reflection of Life

It is impossible to go back and change the past.  Yesterday is so final.  It is over.  It ended last night.  It holds the story of the events that are happening in your life today.  It is history recorded in a chapter you have already read.  It […]

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Crisis is the Turning Point of Life

Most of us have a tendency to ignore unpleasant situations that have been either inflicted on us or voluntarily brought on by our own actions.  Unfortunately, avoiding issues doesn’t make pain or problems go away.   Unresolved conflict continues to erode the very core of our foundation with […]

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Grandparenting is the Second Chance of Life

Someone said, “If I had known being a grandparent would be so much fun, I would have done that first.”  We all enter parenthood with the lofty goal of not making the same mistakes our parents made, only to discover that we make new mistakes of our […]

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Inventory is the Evaluation of Life

Periodically businesses are closed for inventory.  Teams of workers itemize the company’s stock to evaluate its level of productivity and efficiency.  Personal inventory is advantageous in keeping us on track.  Sometimes we unconsciously become distracted and lose objectivity. Conduct an inventory of your life.  Am I still […]

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Seasons Are the Phases of Life

I know you are already wondering what seasons have to do with being successful in life.  Spring, summer, fall, and winter exhibit vivid pictures of the phases of our lives.  Each season, whether it is the soft colors of the blossoms in springtime, the warmth and brilliance […]

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Tradition is the Pattern of Life

A tradition involves information, a belief system, or custom that is modeled or handed down orally becoming a pattern which is continued by the next generation.  A pattern is a model, guide, or plan.  Traditions give definition to our history. They can be good or bad.  Some […]

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Today is the Opportunity of Life!

Congratulations! You have been given the opportunity to live another day.  It is an entrance into a new beginning.  Worrying about the regrets, failures, and disappointments of yesterday will only rob you of the joys of the present.  Today lies before you with incredible potential.  It has […]

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