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Innocence is the Chastity of Life

Innocence is a quality that cannot be developed, inherited, or earned.  It is the innate, chaste characteristic of not being defiled or diluted.  It is difficult to describe what it is without describing what it is not, and to what it has not been exposed.  The moment […]

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Values are the Foundation of Life

Often couples in marriage counseling complain that their mate has changed.  What really has changed is their perception.  Sometimes we confuse goals with values.  For example, a couple may feel strongly about saving money.  However, one may feel money should be saved for a security “nest egg” […]

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Complacency is the Indifference of Life

America has become materially rich, but morally impoverished. This new morality of premarital license, same sex marriage, and situational ethics is destroying our nation from within.  It is an age in which society closes its eyes and looks the other way.  We measure our success by our […]

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