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Children are the Treasure of Life

The first parents created by God were commanded to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth. A family begins with a man and woman drawn together by mutual love and a ceremony of commitment we call marriage.  Children are the treasure of that relationship.  They are the […]

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Tomorrow is the Illusion of Life

Tomorrow is that ethereal place which never seems to be within reach.  It is like a mirage in the desert that disappears at its arrival.  Many of those things you plan to do tomorrow remain on a waiting list because “tomorrow never comes.”  When you think it’s […]

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Procrastination is the Delay of Life

An old proverb says, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”  Human beings are prone to procrastinate, but we are not guaranteed a tomorrow.  Some issues are difficult to deal with because we don’t want to face reality, but it doesn’t make them go […]

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Time is the Resource of Life

Although it wasn’t wrapped with ribbons and a card attached with your name, at the moment of conception you were given a gift: the gift of time.  Time is a period of measurable duration.  It is an intermission in eternity.  Time is a limited, priceless resource that […]

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