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Hunger is the Drive of Life

If you watch professional sports during the competition play-offs you can see the determination and hunger to win in the eyes of the athletes. Those who participate in the Olympics are driven to compete.  Their hunger for success drives them to hard work, practice, and a sacrificial […]

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Holiness is the Standard of Life

The word standard has been defined as an approved model or mode. God would never set a standard that would be impossible for us to achieve or attain. If God called us to be holy, then with His help we can be holy.  If sin is missing […]

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Hypocrisy is the Counterfeit of Life

On Halloween people wear all kinds of masks to disguise their identity. Hypocrisy is similar to wearing a mask. It is masquerading being pious without being virtuous. A hypocrite is one who appears to be authentic, when in reality, only playing a role. A counterfeit is a […]

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Righteousness is the Justification of Life

Righteousness is being right with God, others, and ourselves. In the Greek language, righteousness means justification. Justification means right standing with God. It has been described as, “Just as if I had never sinned.” It is the freedom to be who God created us to be because […]

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