The Ten Commandments are the Boundaries of Life

The Ten Commandments are the Boundaries of Life

The Ten Commandments found in Exodus, chapter 20, were not given for the purpose of restraint, but for our protection.  God’s laws are accompanied with the freedom of choice because He will not violate our will.  The boundaries contain wise counsel that can prevent us from the pain of damaging ourselves and others.  They are ten standards that can regulate, govern, and guard our steps in life.

The obedience of these ten commands is not a means for earning your way into Heaven.  Eternal life was given and paid for at the cross.  Rebellion or obedience to authority is an important key to failure or success, because it will inevitably result in the reward or consequence of life or death.   “The law of the wise is the foundation of life.”       Proverbs 13:14 

II Corinthians 10:13 (NLT)

“Our goal is to stay within the boundaries of God’s plan for us.”             

Practical Application and Assignments:

“For the commandment is a lamp, the law is the light, and the reproofs of instruction are the way of life.” Proverbs 6:23

Read Exodus, chapter 20 and answer the following questions:

  • Do you worship God and Him only?
  • Do you put God first?  Idols are not only made of stone.
  • Do you honor God by speaking His name with reverence?
  • What do you do on Sundays?  God gives you seven days a week.  He only asks you for one. 
  • Do you treat your parents with respect?
  • Do you value life?
  • Do you faithfully keep the vows of your marriage covenant?
  • Do you take that which does not belong to you?
  • Do you always speak the truth?
  • Do you rejoice in the success and prosperity of others?

“A lawyer asked Jesus, which is the greatest commandment in the law?  Jesus answered, “Thou shall love the Lord God with all thy heart, thy soul, and thy mind …and thy neighbor as thyself.  Matthew 22:35-40

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