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Justice is the Fairness of Life

How do you feel when you are treated unfairly?  Exasperated?  “But it isn’t fair!”  Perhaps you were misunderstood.  Maybe the referee made a biased call or you were falsely accused of something.  The scales in our justice system are imperfect.  People are not always given fair or […]

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Intimacy is the Disclosure of Life

One explanation of the word intimacy is “into-me-see.” For some people that is too close for comfort.  We risk being hurt when we allow others into the innermost chambers of our heart.  We tend to hold people at arms length, until it feels safe to disclose our […]

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Trust is the Adhesive of Life

Trust is the essential ingredient for any successful relationship.  Trust acts as a double-sided adhesive to hold the relationship together in these trying and tumultuous times.  Trust is the substance that cements us together when the world endeavors to pull us apart. A relationship cannot survive without […]

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