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Cheerfulness is the Sunshine of Life

Cheerfulness adds wind to your sails, sunlight on your shoulder, and a spring in your heels. It draws people like a magnet.  It is a strong, powerful influence that changes the atmosphere.  You cannot help but notice when a person with a cheerful personality enters a room.  […]

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Simplicity is the Pleasure of Life

Because of living in such a complex high-tech age, sometimes we overlook some of the charming simple things in life.  From childhood we are challenged to greatness.  Our parents take pride in each of our accomplishments.  Difficult feats become easy when they are mastered.  We forget that […]

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Lemonade is the Alternative of Life

My dad bought a “lemon” one time. It was a used car.  Before he even got it home it made a weird sound, started smoking, and left him stranded on the road.  My parents laughed about their “as is” bargain.  Dad said, “I think I just bought […]

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Joy is the Strength of Life

There is a difference between happiness and joy.  Happy feelings are determined by your happenings, but joy, real joy is a state of being.  It is a declaration!  It is a destination with determination.  It is there even when you are not aware of its presence.  Psalm […]

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