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Boldness is the Confidence of Life

Boldness refuses to be intimidated.  It is a daring, courageous, intrepid, fearless force.  Boldness that is based on confidence connected to delegated authority is not afraid to take command of any situation.  For example, the Bible states that satan goes around as a roaring lion seeking whom […]

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Cowardice is the Intimidation of Life

Cowardice is a side effect of fear.  A coward is one who lacks courage and is afraid to meet danger, real or imaginary.  The expression of “cold feet” is usually related to fear of new experiences.  Normally, this kind of panic only lasts for a few moments.  […]

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Courage is the Fortitude of Life

Courage is that firmness of spirit which meets danger head-on.  It is an inner strength that deals with pain and difficult situations instead of withdrawing from them.  It is a quality that releases a brave response to face life’s challenges with perseverance and fortitude.  Courage is a […]

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