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Cooperation is the Teamwork of Life

John Maxwell states that, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”  The synergy of cooperation is not simply principles of addition, but rather multiplication.  This truth is illustrated by the fact that when oxen are yoked together their strength potential is not just doubled, but actually multiplied.  Even the […]

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Gossip is the Slander of Life

Truth that is designed for injury is gossip. The root word for slander is diabolos, which is the same word that is used for devil. When you slander someone who is in covenant with God, you are in “double trouble” because you set yourself against God. You […]

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Communication is the Connection of Life

Communication skills determine how we connect and relate to those in our world.  Have you ever felt exasperated because what you said was not what you actually communicated?   When those with whom you were in dialogue repeated their perception of the conversation, you were left wondering, “How […]

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