Communication is the Connection of Life

Communication is the Connection of Life

Communication skills determine how we connect and relate to those in our world.  Have you ever felt exasperated because what you said was not what you actually communicated?   When those with whom you were in dialogue repeated their perception of the conversation, you were left wondering, “How did this happen?  That is not what I meant!” 

The dynamics of communication consists of: seven percent, words, thirty-eight percent, tone of voice, and fifty-five percent, non-verbal body language.  The message that is received is interpreted on each of these levels.  The manner in which we transmit our ideas and feelings will have an even greater influence than the words we choose.  In other words, communicate what you mean and mean what you communicate.

Matthew 5:37 (AMP)

“Let your yes be simply yes, and your no be simply no.”

Practical Application and Assignments:

Careless communication disconnects relationships.  Correct communication connects relationships.

  • Examine your style of communication.  Do you monopolize the conversation, interrupt, nag, complain, criticize, ridicule, argue, or lecture?  Do you use degrading, demanding, destructive, deceitful words that wound the spirit?  Or do you express yourself with love?
  • Choose your words carefully.  For example:

         Unacceptable…I totally disagree with your decisions!

         Acceptable……Help me understand the reasons for your decisions. 

         Unacceptable….I expect you to change!

         Acceptable…….Let’s work together to bring about change.

  • Play this game with your family to encourage communication awareness.  When negative talk of whining, arguing, boasting, bossing, or derogatory words are spoken, everyone says, “Uh-oh!” When the conversation is positive talk like gratefulness, compliments, or affirmation, everyone exclaims, “Oh-yeah!”

“Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” Proverbs 12:18 (NIV)

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