Narcissism is the Self-Centeredness of Life

Narcissism is the Self-Centeredness of Life

Narcissism is an “everything in life is about me” syndrome.  Have you ever known people to whom you wouldn’t dare ask how they are feeling, because you know they will respond with a detailed organ recital of all their aches and pains for the past fifty years?  Have you ever wished you could turn and go the other way to avoid their latest “somebody did me wrong song?”

People who focus constantly on themselves and seem to feel that life is only about them are some of the most miserable human beings on the planet.  Although “misery loves company,” miserable people have few friends because they send them scattering in every direction.  Most self-absorbed people are oblivious to their selfishness.  Self-centeredness is the height of immaturity.

Philippians 2:3

“Let nothing be done in strife and or vain glory; but in lowliness of mind, esteeming one another higher than ourselves.”

Practical Application and Assignments:

We live in a narcissistic generation.  Narcissistic people act like they are the center of the universe.  If you haven’t met one yet, you must look straight ahead when you are driving in heavy traffic.  Perhaps you have never attempted shopping at a “half-price sale” at the department stores.

  • Pass the test.  Be courteous anyway.
  • Answer the following questions: Do you monopolize the majority of your conversations with interaction about yourself?  Do you seldom notice and greet others?  Do you think what you have to do or say is more important than everyone else?  Do you have difficulty listening when you are not talking?  Is it hard to say thank you or compliment others?  Are you so pre-occupied that you are unaware of the needs of others?
  • Become more thoughtful and considerate.  Try placing yourself in the other person shoes.  Understanding “their world” births compassion. Compassion places its focus on others and puts life in perspective.

“Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord,” James 4:10

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