Grief is the Sorrow of Life

Grief is the Sorrow of Life

Grief is not a stranger to any of us.  Life is filled with all kinds of loss. Whether it involves your career, a divorce, a financial set-back or death, loss can be devastating.  The cartoonist, Charles Schultz often quotes Charlie Brown as saying, “Good grief!”  Actually, good grief is a healthy process.  It takes us through the steps of experiencing the shock, anger, hurt, pain, and denial of a tragedy, into acceptance that encourages us to move on.

Inordinate grief is sorrow that goes beyond our ability to cope or even function.  It is anguish that is inconsolable.  The inability to move beyond grief is paralyzing.  It will sap you of your strength and rob you of your joy.  When grief visits you stay in touch with your feelings.  When you turn to God for comfort, His presence fills the vacuum with peace, hope, and strength to face the future.

Isaiah 53:4

“Surely He has born our grief and carried our sorrows.”

Practical Application and Assignments:

The grieving process is a journey.  The pain re-surfaces unexpectedly in cycles.  Mourning is the external expression of internal, painful feelings of grief.

  • Facing the facts will help you accept reality during the shock and denial phase. Don’t make immediate, irreversible decisions because your initial feelings will be erratic and constantly changing.
  • Reaching out for help through prayer, grief counseling, and support groups during the adjustment period brings healing. Expressing your hurt and anger verbally and emotionally is an important part of your recovery.
  • Focusing your faith on the reality of Heaven brings comfort in the absence of your loved ones. The separation is not final. Instead of saying good-bye, say, “I’ll see you later.” Remember and celebrate the life they lived.
  • Add up your joys, never your sorrows.

“…Sorrow not as those who have no hope.” I Thessalonians 4:13

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  1. This really touched my heart …I have been threw 3 deaths in the last 2 years but knowing my loved ones are in heaven waiting on me helps with the greiving process…

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