The Bible is the Law of Life

The Bible is the Law of Life

Most dictionaries define a law as a rule of conduct or action that is established and enforced by a governing authority.  Civil laws are ratified to protect life.  God’s laws are no different.  They were given for our protection with built-in conditional benefits that show us our need for a Savior. “I have longed for Thy salvation O Lord, and Thy law is my delight.”  Psalm 119:174   

You’ve got mail!  God sent you a text message.  The Bible contains important information and revelation that can save your life.  Some of man’s laws are unbearable, outdated rules that are no longer relevant, but “the law of the Lord is perfect.” Psalm 19:7

Psalm 119:92

“If Your law had not been my delight, I would have perished.. “

Practical Application and Assignments:

The Bible is the most extraordinary, fascinating book ever written.    It is the text book for “life.”  It is the infallible, immutable, Divinely inspired Word of God.  God doesn’t even attempt to debate its authenticity.  His law is established eternally and “not one word will return void.”  Isaiah 55:11

  • Don’t underestimate the transforming power of God’s Word.  Many modern theologians would suggest that this generation is too scientific to relate to its infinite message that defies man’s finite mind-sets.  The truth is that although it is ancient, the Bible is as contemporary and relevant as today’s newspaper.  Read it daily.  You cannot obey God beyond your knowledge or faith in the Bible.  
  • Speak God’s Word.  You don’t know it until you can say it.  The Word of God is voice activated.  Speaking God’s Word activates His promises.  The Scripture says in Psalm 107: 20, “He sent His Word and healed them.”  Find a promise that addresses your need.  Declare it over your circumstances and watch God work miracles.

 “Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy law.” Psalms 119:18

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