Sentimentality is the Nostalgia of Life

Sentimentality is the Nostalgia of Life

Sentimental people realize the value of recalling special people and memorable, extraordinary times.  A fragrance, a melody, a picture, or home video can bring to remembrance a festive time in the near or distant past.  Just the sight of a souvenir, memento, or trophy can cause a rush of past memories and emotions to erupt.   During the holidays we often stir up feelings of nostalgia simply by repeating the sentimental traditions of our families or friends.

The mind is a memory bank.  If stirring up memories causes pain, ask God to show you how to grieve the loss and receive His healing touch. When we have dealt with our issues and have come into a place of maturity and wholeness, we can recognize that sentimentality is the nostalgia of life.  We cannot relive the past, but we can remember the best of the past.  Memories can become like a diving board when we use them to help us dive into new experiences and new opportunities.

Psalm 68:19

“Blessed be the Lord who daily loads us with benefits,”

Practical Application and Assignments:

Everyday we have the opportunity to create new memories.  Nostalgia causes us to be excited about starting a new past every morning.  If you didn’t enjoy today, decide right now to enjoy tomorrow.

  • Make a list before you go to sleep tonight of the reasons you want to get up in the morning. Giving yourself something to look forward to is like planning your own surprises.
  • Great memories breed sentimentality. For example, remember a past Christmas and go Christmas shopping in “July.”… Look at souvenirs and contact someone you visited on vacation…  Search for treasures in an antique shop…  Tour an “Open House” sale.  Remember the houses you grew up in and look for your dream home… Don’t ever stop reminiscing.  Don’t ever stop dreaming…

“On a good day, enjoy yourself.  On a bad day, examine your conscience.  God arranges for both kinds of days so that we won’t take anything for granted.” Ecclesiastes 7:14 (MSG)

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