Rest is the Refreshing of Life

Rest is the Refreshing of Life

In only six days God took nothing and created everything that exists, and on the seventh day He rested.  Obviously, God, who is omnipotent, did not rest because He was tired.  He created twenty-four hour time periods and then modeled the importance of being refreshed by rest for our benefit.  In order to function at peak performance, we need to reserve one day a week to relax and eight hours of sleep daily.

God devoted the Fourth Commandment to a day of rest.  Most business establishments used to be closed on Sundays in honor of the Sabbath.  The work force in today’s world is set up at such a fast pace that we have almost forgotten how to relax.  God created us to be workers with the understanding that rest is essential to life.  Even Jesus took time out to rest.  Spend time in His presence and be refreshed.

Matthew 11:28, 29

Jesus said, “Come unto Me all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Practical Application and Assignments:

Lack of rest is detrimental to your health.  Sleep boosts the immune system, releases growth hormones, improves brain function, slows down the aging process, and increases your energy level.

  • Insomnia can be caused by unresolved conflict spiritually, emotionally, or relationally, pain and physical illness, or a workaholic syndrome. Discover what is robbing you of your rest and deal with it.
  • Avoid extremism. “All work and no play” or “all play and no work” are both out of balance.  Include quiet time in your busy schedule.
  • Schedule your dinner meal and any aerobic exercise or stressful activity at least three hours before bed time.
  • Make the place you sleep as comfortable as possible. You will spend one-third of your life there.
  • Turn off the light and noise at bedtime. God even turned out the light at night leaving only its reflection on the moon for a nightlight.

“My people shall dwell in peaceable habitations, in safe dwellings and in quiet resting places.” Isaiah 32:18

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