Nobility is the Distinction of Life

Nobility is the Distinction of Life

In a feudal society, nobility is the caste of distinction.  Those born into the upper echelon of society enter the world with an innate mark of both privilege and responsibility.  All who have been “born-again” into the kingdom of God have been given a regal title and a destiny reserved for those of nobility.

In God’s kingdom, those with the highest title have been called to the highest level of servitude.  What distinguishes us is not simply our manner of dress, our ability to speak with great skills of oration and articulation, or even how pure our lineage or blood line may have been.   Genuine nobility is not characterized by arbitrary acts of charity.  It is not a sloppy agape or a conditional superficial affection, but rather, an altruistic love that requires the utmost sacrifice.

John 13:35 (Paraphrased) 

Jesus said, “You will know My disciples by their love for one another.”

Practical Application and Assignments:

The highest awards will be presented in eternity by God, Himself. Many noble sacrificial humanitarian acts of charity go unnoticed, but God is keeping an accurate record.

  • Think about it: Does your life reflect noble deeds worthy of honor? The embodiment of nobility consists of such qualities as loyalty, valor, compassion, integrity, and virtue, among others. These types of characteristics must be cultivated and developed in order to be recognized with the distinction of true nobility.
  • Hold your head high and walk with confidence. You are an ambassador for Jesus Christ.  You are a representative of the King of Kings. You reflect the royalty, nobility, dignity, and prominence of the very Creator of the universe because you were created in His image.  You are escorted by an angel and surrounded by the presence and favor of God.  Don’t stoop to being anything less.

“But the noble, open hearted and liberal man devises noble things; and he stands for what is noble.” Isaiah 32:8 (AMP)

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