Motivation is the Momentum of Life

Motivation is the Momentum of Life

Momentum measures the velocity of movement.  Motivation is a driving force that gives incentive and stimulates activity.  It is an asset when it is used for the purpose of encouraging excellence.  It must be based on individual capabilities. It never arrives at expectations made by personal comparison.  Conditional love never produces successful results.  Motivation at its best strives to inspire you to be your best, not someone else’s best.

Motivation discovers ways to reward good behavior and modify bad behavior.  It works in the positive and the negative.  Rewards and consequences can have the same effect.  Motivation that causes us to excel, influences us to raise our level of proficiency.

II John 1:8 (AMP)

“… (Persevere until you) win and receive back a perfect reward…”

Practical Application and Assignments:

Motivation is a springboard to action.  The method depends on the individual because what gives one person momentum may have the opposite effect on someone else.

  • Reward children for good behavior. Give them a cash allowance for performing household duties, or making good grades. Motivate them to assume responsibility by allowing them to earn certain privileges… In case you need some comic relief, one Chinese proverb says, “If you pay with peanuts, expect to get monkeys.”
  • Give yourself incentive. For example, reward yourself with a new outfit when you have successfully taken off those extra pounds. Instead of eliminating all sugar, treat yourself to a weekly chocolate sundae…
  • Get serious about heading for your goals. The athlete with the momentum never calls “time out.” Likewise, your greatest accomplishments are attained when you have both motivation and momentum. Get ready! Get set! Go!

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God.”   Philippians 3:14

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