Loyalty is the Rarity of Life

Loyalty is the Rarity of Life

Loyalty is a word that is almost lost in today’s vocabulary. It is described as fidelity and faithful devotion to a person or a cause.  Loyalty is the ingredient in a relationship that keeps you from giving up easily. It is the ability to look for the best in people, even in the worst times.    It is the devotion that causes you to love “in spite of,” not “because of.”

Loyalty is a rare quality that kicks in when there is a crisis and produces the perseverance to stick to a relationship even in difficult circumstances.  When others withdraw, loyalty says, “I’ll be there.” While others criticize, loyalty defends, refuses to be judgmental and says, “I believe in you.”  Loyalty is not generated through determination or will power.  It flows out of love.

Proverbs 3:3-4 (MSG)

“Don’t lose your grip on love and loyalty. Tie them around your neck, carve their initials in your heart.  Earn a reputation for living well in God’s eyes and the eyes of the people.”

Practical Application and Assignments:

Disloyalty is betrayal.  Betrayal is the “Judas Factor.”  Jesus experienced disloyalty when Judas, one of His disciples betrayed Him. Everyone has experienced betrayal on some level.  Sometimes the pain of disloyalty is so excruciating it is tempting to withdraw and never trust again.

  • Pass the test. Look for the best in others in spite of disloyalty. Operate in forgiveness. Look for purpose in the betrayal and it will become an opportunity for personal growth and development.
  • Read the book of Ruth. It is an inspiring love story of the loyalty between two widows and the man God sent to redeem their situation.
  • Answer the following question: Is God looking for you? God promotes those who are loyal. “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong in behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.”  II Chronicles 16:9 (NKJV)

“Lots of men claim to be loyal and loving, but where on earth can you find one?” Proverbs 20:6 (MSG)

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