Judgment Day is the Final Exam of Life

Judgment Day is the Final Exam of Life

Success in life embraces both time and eternity because life is lived in both realms.  Time is temporary.  Eternity is forever.  Life begins in time and continues in eternity.  The day you were born, you enrolled in the school of life.  The first test was given to Adam and Eve in the garden. When Adam hid from God, the first question was, “Adam where are you?”  They flunked the test because of their disobedience and the world has been living with the consequences ever since.

We are all given exams throughout life.  There are questions in the Bible like: Who is on the Lord’s side?  What will you do with Jesus who is called Christ?  The first assignment is, “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”  Failing a daily quiz affects your grade, but the final exam determines your graduation and place in the world to come.  Are you ready for the final exam?

Romans 14:10-12

“…For we all will stand before the judgment seat of Christ… so then everyone of us shall give an account of himself to God”

Practical Application and Assignments:

If you are seeking success in this life only, you are missing it. Your material success in time will no longer matter when you step from time into eternity.  The question will be: “How did you live your life?”

  • Would you like to change your future? Act now! If you have never read the Bible from cover to cover, start today. It has the answers to every test. Attend a Bible, believing church. Spend time in prayer. Experience God’s love and forgiveness.
  • Get ready! Prepare for eternity. Do you remember the childhood game of Hide and Seek? When the words, “Ready or not, here I come” were shouted, it was too late to hide. Ready or not, Judgment Day is coming! Unfortunately, it is not a game. Your question may be, “What if the Bible is not true?” My question to you is, “What if it is true?”

“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”  Hebrews 9:27

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