Humor is the Amusement of Life

Humor is the Amusement of Life

Have you ever wondered why comic strips are placed in the back section of the newspaper? Since the majority of the news is filled with reports of local and global tragedies, perhaps most of us would cancel our subscriptions without some “comic relief.” Do you know someone who has the ability to find something to laugh about in even the most deplorable situations? A sense of humor can help navigate us through those difficult places in life.

Just one trip to the zoo will prove that God has a sense of humor. In fact, just look in the mirror. If He wasn’t amused by humor, perhaps He wouldn’t have made clowns of some of us. The word amusement means to bring merriment and lightheartedness. Don’t take life so serious that you leave no room for humor.

Psalm 126:2

“Then was our mouth filled with laughter and our tongue with singing.”

Practical Application and Assignments:

A healthy sense of humor is a gift from God. However, any humor that contains immoral implications or that which is of a derogatory nature is ungodly and should not be tolerated.

Enjoy good humor. The following unedited statements are misprints in church bulletins:

  • The pastor is preaching on Hell and he is full of his subject.
  • The choir will be sinning in the evening service.
  • There will be meeting of the bored following the evening service.
  • Easter Sunday, the pastor’s wife will lay an egg on the altar.
  • If you have babies and don’t know it, the nursery is in the basement.
  • Welcome our guest speaker, a caring man who loves hurting people.
  • Ladies, the rummage sale is a chance to get rid of your junk. Don’t forget to bring your husband.

“…There is a time to laugh”. Ecclesiastes 3:4

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