Hobbies are the Diversion of Life

Hobbies are the Diversion of Life

Everyone needs an occasional break from the repetitive monotony    of their everyday routine.  Someone said, “Life is so daily.”  A hobby is something you do for the sole purpose of relaxation.  It is a change of pace that captures your attention, and for a moment diverts your focus away from those boring chores like the laundry basket that is filled with the same clothes you washed yesterday.

Your hobbies may include activities such as playing golf, tennis, painting, writing poetry, playing a musical instrument, gardening, needlepoint, fishing…  Discover something you enjoy and when your daily tasks start becoming a struggle, take a break from the “real” world. You’ll return refreshed with a “Look out world, here I come” attitude.

Isaiah 40:29 (MSG)

“He energizes those who get tired.”

Practical Application and Assignments:

Enjoying a hobby is like attending an invigorating mini-retreat.  It stimulates relaxation and reduces fatigue.  A hobby can be challenging, but if it is a task that is overwhelming, it will defeat its purpose.

  • Create a hobby by discovering your interests. Someone said, “God’s collection of seashells can be found on the beaches all over the world.” Acquiring a collection makes an interesting hobby. As a child, I collected rocks, stamps, ships, and coins. Each of them became a learning experience.  Currently, I have a collection of lions and eagles. They inspire me to be courageous and to rise above my circumstances.
  • Create a hobby by developing your talents. Every person is born with unique gifts. Take the time and initiative to pursue them.
  • Create a hobby with family projects like model cars, Lego building blocks, or gourmet cooking… For example, my son was given a 3-D puzzle of the U.S. Capital.  The challenging search for puzzle pieces became a family affair, ending in a celebration at its completion.

“One handful of peaceful repose is better than a fistful of worried work.” Ecclesiastes 4:6 (MSG)

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