Generosity is the Unselfishness of Life

Generosity is the Unselfishness of Life

Many think the opposite of love is hate, but I believe the opposite of love is selfishness. Proverbs 6:16 lists seven things God hates.  God hates sin and what it does to His children, but you will never find a reference where God was or is selfish. The heavenly Father is a giver.  John 3:16 declares it!  Generosity is not measured by the size of the gift because the amount is relative to both our frame of reference and what we have to give.  True generosity is defined by the degree of sacrifice.

Fulfillment is not attained or achieved by how much we receive and retain.  We were designed to be receivers for the purpose of giving.  The greatest sense of fulfillment comes to those who unselfishly, lavishly bless the world around them, and generously give to those who deserve it and to those who do not.

Proverbs 22:9 (NLT)

“Blessed are those who are generous.”

Practical Application and Assignments:

Generous people are cheerful givers.  Generosity doesn’t begin and end with money.  It includes giving of yourself, your time, your talents, and your resources.  Generosity is not just something you do.  It is something you become as you liberally share with others.

  • Answer the following questions: How much of your thoughts are on yourself? How much of your conversation is about yourself? How much do you give to others?
  • Refuse to be selfish and self-absorbed. The substance of generosity is self-sacrifice. Generosity can only be expressed when the gift is more than the giver can afford.
  • Plant generously. For example, you don’t need a huge warehouse for a food ministry. I know a woman who empties the entire left-overs from her kitchen cupboard every week and gives them to needy families… If you have two cans of food, God may ask you to share the second can with someone in need. What do you have to give?

Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8

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