Experience is the Teacher of Life

Experience is the Teacher of Life

Experience has been referred to as “the school of hard knocks.”  Take fire for example, some people will never have to experience the flames because they can learn by listening.  Curiosity drives others to get close enough to feel the heat, but wisdom kicks in and they retreat.  They learn by observation.  Others learn the hard way using the trial and error method.  They experience the pain, but learn from their mistakes.  Finally, there are those who never learn rebelliously repeating the same experiences and consequences over and over.

Dr. Paul Crites said, “You can learn from one of two ways; you can learn from your mistakes or from your mentors.”  George Lagogianes stated, “Smart people learn from their mistakes.  Wise people learn from the mistakes of others.”  Foolish people never learn.  A mistake is not final as long as it becomes a learning tool that changes your behavior and perspective.

Romans 5:3-4

“Tribulation worketh patience, patience experience, and experience hope.”

Practical Application and Assignments:

Some people are so afraid, ashamed, or timid that they never try anything.  They only live vicariously through the experience of others.

  • Think of some things you must experience for yourself. For example, experience the feeling of accomplishment by forging ahead and mastering a difficult task.  Experience the courage to try again to perform a feat that previously ended in failure.  Experience the taste of food you thought you could never enjoy until you tried it.  Experience understanding a simple truth because of a “been there, did that” first hand encounter…
  • Learn from the lessons of life. Although some lessons are painful, experience will teach those who have a teachable spirit.

“Teach me good judgment, wise and right discernment, and knowledge, for I have believed, (trusted, relied on, and clung to) Your commandments.”  Psalm 119:66 (AMP)

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