Arrogance is the Vanity of Life

Arrogance is the Vanity of Life

Most of us dislike associating with people who are arrogant.  An arrogant person is described as being vain, prideful, conceited, and boastful.  The dichotomy is that arrogance appears to be over-confident, when in reality it is the opposite.  If you could look behind the veneer of arrogance you would discover that it is usually an attempt to over-compensate and cover feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.

Arrogance eventually deflates your ego because instead of gaining prestige, an impudent attitude decreases your influence.  No one is impressed with people who constantly express their self-importance. Vanity serves no edifying purpose.  It produces emptiness, falsity, and vain glory.  On the other hand, a secure person is one whose self-confidence is based on the truth of God’s opinion.

Psalm 119:37

“Turn my eyes away from beholding vanity.”

Practical Application and Assignments:

It has been said, “You may fool some of the people, some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people, all the time.”

  • Read Daniel, chapter 5. God sent the prophet Daniel with a message of judgment to King Belshazzar because he had arrogantly lifted himself up against the Lord of heaven. Suddenly, a hand appeared on the wall and wrote these words: “You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting.” Can you imagine the fun Hollywood could have producing this script?  Unfortunately, the story has a sad ending.
  • How about you? Could you pass the test? “Let not arrogance come from your mouth, for the Lord is a God of knowledge and by Him your actions are weighed.” II Samuel 2:3    If your motives and actions were weighed, what would the scales reveal… arrogance or humility?

“If anyone respects and fears God, he will hate evil. For wisdom hates pride, arrogance, corruption, and deceit of any kind.”  Proverbs 8:13 (TLB)

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