Anxiety is the Harassment of Life

Anxiety is the Harassment of Life

Anxiety is defined as distress of mind, uneasiness, and an inner disquietude. Sometimes thoughts can be louder than thunder and quieter than lightning.  Anxious thoughts are like the next door neighbor’s dog that harasses you by barking all night.  Anxiety occurs when your thoughts are continually on things that are false, impure, revengeful, bitter, or fearful.  Whether your fear is real or perceived, anxious thoughts will never bring resolve or peace to your problems or worries.

Your mind is a biological computer that never shuts off. Has your computer ever appeared to shut down or freeze up, but you could still hear it processing?  Sometimes it appears to be at a standstill, but actually it is stuck in a continuous loop.  This is what happens when we allow anxiety to harass us and monopolize our thought realm and focus.

 Philippians 4:6-7

“Be anxious for nothing…”

Practical Application and Assignments:

Anxiety steals your hope, your strength, your creativity, your faith, and your courage. Concern looks for solutions.

Discern the difference between worry and concern:

Destructive Worry:


Decreases creativity

Prevents initiative

Results in anxious fretting

Attempts to control the future

Fears the worst

Appears negative to others

Distracts the mind

Example: “I’m so worried that my child might drown; I won’t let him/her near the water.”

Constructive Concern:


Increases creativity

Promotes initiative

Results in calm focusing

Attempts to improve the future

Hopes for the best

Appears positive to others

Directs the mind

Example: “I’m so concerned that my child can’t swim; I’m giving him/her swimming lessons.”

Stop worrying!

“Cast all your anxieties upon Him…” I Peter 5:7

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