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Deceit is the Poison of Life

Romans 3:13 describes one of the characteristics of mankind without God.  This passage declares, “Their throat is an open grave; with their tongues they have practiced deceit; the poison of vipers is under their lips…” I’m sure you have heard the expression, “It was just a little […]

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Trust is the Adhesive of Life

Trust is the essential ingredient for any successful relationship.  Trust acts as a double-sided adhesive to hold the relationship together in these trying and tumultuous times.  Trust is the substance that cements us together when the world endeavors to pull us apart. A relationship cannot survive without […]

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Seasons Are the Phases of Life

I know you are already wondering what seasons have to do with being successful in life.  Spring, summer, fall, and winter exhibit vivid pictures of the phases of our lives.  Each season, whether it is the soft colors of the blossoms in springtime, the warmth and brilliance […]

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The Mind is the Battleground of Life

If there is a battleground, there is a conflict.  If there is a conflict, there are at least two diametrically opposite forces at work.  God is not in a battle with satan because satan is not even in His league. The battle is between good and evil. […]

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The Word of God is the Bread of Life

I remember as a young boy in southern Mississippi going into my grandmother’s kitchen.  The air was filled with the aroma of home-baked bread.  It made me so hungry I could hardly wait to taste it.  It reminds me of the words of Christ, “Man shall not […]

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Fellowship is the Table of Life

In our fast paced American culture we have replaced mealtime around the family table with fast food in route to the next activity, or with a TV dinner around the television in what used to be the family room.  No conversation, no interaction, no reflection, and no […]

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Accountability is the Management of Life

Accountability is a system of checks and balances.  Someone said, “You can only expect what you inspect.”  That is management!  You  can only improve yourself when you remove the fear of outside input.  Accountability is the ability to submit yourself to someone else’s instruction and scrutiny. Accountability […]

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Humility is the Highway of Life

I heard a joke about a man who wrote a book and arrogantly entitled it, ‘Humility and How I Attained It’…  Obviously, he missed the point. The road to humility is not crowded.  Humility is not a popular subject.  We live in a “dog eat dog society” […]

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Procrastination is the Delay of Life

An old proverb says, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”  Human beings are prone to procrastinate, but we are not guaranteed a tomorrow.  Some issues are difficult to deal with because we don’t want to face reality, but it doesn’t make them go […]

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Gratitude is the Attitude of Life

Perhaps you have heard the expression, “Attitude is everything.”  Your attitude can make or break you.  In the Old Testament, it was murmuring and complaining that got the Hebrew children into the most trouble while they were wandering in the desert.  No one enjoys being around someone […]

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